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Our Story

Back in 2002 there weren't a lot of Yoga & Pilates studios around. The popular brands of today weren't even established yet. I was teaching classes in gyms and also Prenatal & Postnatal yoga in a Maternity Centre. The air was cold and drafty, the atmosphere uninspiring. I felt so stiffled. I longed for warmth and inspiration. I longed for an environment that had a strong connection to the the past...and yet was modern and updated and fresh! I came to a difficult decision: I decided that if I was to continue teaching Yoga & Pilates, I would need to open a studio. But it couldn't be "just anywhere" had to be somewhere so special, so compelling, so amazing that once I found it, I would know it would be "the place". It also had to be in a desirable location, close to downtown and in a good neighbourhood with lots of parking and good visibility (people walking & driving by). 

When I had the inspiration to look at the "old factory under renovation" at Mill St. and Church St. in historic downtown Brampton my heart skipped a beat. I knew I had to check it out. I hopped in my car and got the number off the sign. I had a strong pull to this unique building but it was clearly in transition, so I didn't know what to expect inside. As soon as I stepped inside I immediately knew "this is the place!!". The first seeds of the studio was planted. It was December 2002. 6 months of preparation ensued and in July 2003 we opened our doors for our very first Yoga & Pilates classes. It was an exciting and revolutionary time! No one was offering what we were and it was so amazing to have the most incredible studio. To this day, people still frequently tell me "this is the most beautiful studio I have ever seen"...including people who have travelled the world and seen many magnificent studios. The vibe we have collectively created through years of practice and dedication, infusing the space with mantras and positive intention of transformation and spreading the love, joy and happiness of Yoga. Wow!! It has been humbling and beyond beautiful for me to facilitate!

My philosophy is based on what my long-time teacher, Shiva Rea, calls: the "Roots & Evolution" of yoga. We are deeply steeped in the tradition and roots of yoga, and yet follow our heart and intuition in evolving traditional, authentic tantric-based yoga (within the lineage of Yoga Master, Sri T. Krishnamacharya), into creative, inspired and lovingly-evolved Yoga. My own personal meditation practice is based on my teacher, Rod Stryker's, lineage of Kriya Yoga (Yogananda) and the tradition of the Himalayan Masters through the Himalayan Institute. I have been blessed to learn from so many wonderful teachers over the years of studying yoga, ayurveda, tantra and meditation but it was these 2 teachers, Shiva Rea and Rod Stryker, who I felt were absolutely the best teachers for me. So I travelled extensively to study with California, Colorado, Massachusetts and also 3 times to India. I have shared my knowledge and experience with my Yoga Teacher Trainees that I teach every year in my innovative Yoga Teacher Trainings (YTT). I recommend my wonderful teachers to my YTT students/graduates as resources for further learning...many of our teachers have also studied with them. It's also been a great honour for me to assist my teachers in various trainings. I have learned so much it's extraordinary and beyond words, and it feels like the-least-I-could-do to share with my students some of what I have learned! 

The same applies to our approach to Pilates...the genius of classical Pilates is merged into the ever evolving contemporary Pilates we teach today. Joseph Pilates himself was continually evolving and refining his approach, yet we honour and appreciate the original foundational roots of Pilates.

I would to thank everyone who has entered through our doors and I hope you have truly enjoyed your experience at our studio. I refer to it as "our studio" since I truly believe it is "ours"...all of us, especially the incredible teachers that we have teaching in our space, who make it the wonderful studio that it is. It's magical how this extraordinary collective of Yoga & Pilates teachers have been gathered to teach in our studio! It is a community, a "hub"! I am always thinking of ways that we can improve and conscientously evolving the space and the offerings and welcome your suggestions!

Additionally, in 2014 I had the great blessing to open a second location. The new location is located in the country, just north of Georgetown, in the Halton Hills hamlet of Glen Williams. It is a serene studio set in nature and surrounded by so many lovely trees. A brand new space featuring a cathedral ceiling, bamboo floors and plenty of windows with an open, fresh airy vibe. In addition to our fabulous signature classes available, it also features a fully-equipped Pilates studio with every exciting piece of large equipment that Joseph Pilates invented, available for Personal Training/Private Sessions.

I invite you to discover these incredible practices: Yoga & Pilates. To appreciate and experience it's authentic traditional roots and yet be open to explore our evolved, creative and inspiring approach! Enjoy our carefully cultivated spaces infused with the incredible vibe we have been known for since we opened in 2003!

Namaste. OM Shanti.
Michelle Cormack, Founder - 5 Elements Brampton


On December 1, 2016 a new era dawned on my original and incredible downtown Brampton Studio, now known as "Kaulika Yoga & Pilates"! With a new Owner/Director at the helm, Natalie Mendes, the Brampton Studio is moving forward with great vigour and enthusiasm!! You will continue to enjoy wonderful classes and teachers at the unbeatable space in Downtown Brampton.

I will be teaching small-size "boutique" classes at my gorgeous home studio in Glen Williams/ Georgetown and am always evolving in such wonderful ways with careful consideration given to every detail that will enhance your experience and make our community flourish and thrive!
Always grateful to have YOU part of US!

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